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WordPress: Don’t Settle for a Poor Admin Area

One benefit to working with me is how much attention I give to the WordPress admin area. This is what we call your content management system (CMS). I’ve worked on a number of sites developed by other firms and agencies in my time as a WordPress developer. And I see a pattern of neglect when it comes to the CMS. 

There is no question you should have a professional website design that looks good on the outside. But your website should also be easy to update. And during our discovery phase, I want to find areas of your web content that can benefit from what a WordPress CMS has to offer. 

Case Study: How The WordPress Admin Helped A Non-Profit

I built a website for the Shepherd University Foundation and this is my favorite example of what WordPress can do for a business or organization. They already had a WordPress site in place when we first began working together. But it was doing them a disservice. They were literally hand coding all of their donors names into their web pages. It was not a pleasant experience. And that’s in addition to a variety of website errors and a broken layouts. 

I knew that managing their donors was where we needed to focus. Because if we didn’t address the issue then, they’d still be having the same problems today. We rebuilt their website on WordPress from the ground up. I built a way for them to manage their donors within their CMS. Their website now handles the complex formatting of donor names all by itself. Graduation years and other pertinent information is also stored in their website database. They can even link names together to create spousal relationships. And we can continue to build out this WordPress CMS if and when needed. 

This is the difference between website builders and custom web development. And this is why larger organizations can’t get by with the same web design strategies that work for small businesses

How Can We Make Your Content Management Better?

Tell me your story. I’ve been a WordPress developer for a long time and can assess whether it’s right for your business or organization. Where is the pain in your current website? Let’s talk about how we can make some improvements. 

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