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Website Redesign: Is Now the Right Time?

Dependent upon many factors, a website has a lifespan of 2-5 years before a redesign should be considered. This number can be surprising. But for better or worse, we all need to keep up with the constantly changing industries of web design and digital marketing. Regarding graphic design and functionality, how does your site compare to other businesses in the Frederick, Maryland and D.C. Metro area? Even if you already have a game plan for your next website redesign, speaking with me might help you gain new insights. Or confirm what you already know. I’m happy to offer my opinion as a professional web designer and developer with over a decade of experience.

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Why should you redesign?

Your site should be evaluated with user feedback, analytics, and compared to your competition on a regular basis. And this is not a simple item to be checked off a to-do list. We’re talking about a living document, and living things need to be taken care of and maintained. And eventually the time will come when a redesign will be the best course of action. Here are common scenarios I’ve encountered after working with a number of clients in Frederick, Maryland and the surrounding area. Any combination of these items could justify a major website redesign, or at least some major improvements: 

1. The site is older than 5 years.

The web industry changes fast. Website design methods and marketing strategy are always progressing. Every year, new methods emerge that allow us to improve loading time, use larger images, incorporate video, and build more user friendly content management systems. Sites older than a few years are probably not helping you as much as they could.

2. Interface is not mobile friendly.

I deliver websites that work on all screen sizes. This is mandatory because it’s absolutely in your best interest. In many cases, more than 50% of web traffic is from small screen mobile devices. That number may vary for your industry. But in any case, it’s a segment of your audience you cannot neglect.

3. Low conversion rate.

Are you getting online leads? If not, the first thing to check is website design hierarchy and calls to action. With a combination of best practices and tricks of the trade, we’ll improve the first layer of online lead generation in your website redesign.

4. Does not look professional.

Visual aesthetics are certainly objective. But some websites are clearly suffering from graphic design that is subpar. And a lack of professional graphic design kills the subliminal marketing message we all strive for: “this business is credible, organized, detail-oriented, and knows what they are doing.” With that said, a professional web design is more important than some people realize.

5. Lags behind the competition.

Do you think your website is on the same level as others in the Frederick, Maryland and D.C. Metro areas? It should go without saying: you’re at a disadvantage if your web presence does not look or work as well as your competitors.

6. Things are broken.

It’s worth mentioning the obvious. Because I see it more often than one would think. If your site has issues, maybe we can patch things up. Or maybe we need a full website redesign. In any case, you cannot ignore these problems. For many businesses, a website can be “out of sight and out of mind” and therefore neglected. But working with me is an ongoing relationship. I keep an eye on things so you don’t have to.

Let’s discuss a website redesign for you.

I encourage businesses in the Frederick, Maryland area to contact me and we can discuss if a website redesign is right for you. No pressure and no strings attached. Tell me your thoughts and concerns. I’ll do my best to answer your questions. We can also discuss your operation more in-depth. That might offer ideas or insight to how your website might automate certain marketing tasks. And ways we might optimize your content management system (CMS). As I like to say, “stop working for your website and make it work for you.” 

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