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A Web Developer for Design Firms and Agencies

I’m a web developer that enjoys working with a number of graphic design firms and agencies in the Frederick, Maryland and D.C. Metro areas. It allows everyone involved to focus on what they do best in regards to web design and development. Whether your clients are on WordPress, Squarespace, or something else, I’m here for you when you need it.

If you’re not a firm or agency, don’t worry, you’re still in the right place. I also work a variety of businesses in and around Frederick, Maryland. Let’s see how I can help you with a website redesign. Or how I can advise you with your very first website design.

A Web Developer Rooted In Graphic Design

I have a background in graphic design unlike many other web professionals. And I give your work the attention it deserves. I’ve heard my share of stories about web developers lacking design aesthetic. Or being unreliable. And I’m here to fix that. Likewise, I’m here to answer any questions you have about best practices. Let’s work together as a team. I’m no stranger to typography. And I always sweat the details.

For the seasoned web designers out there, I’m a web developer who loves a good challenge. We can now build websites where everything except photographs can and should be vector graphics. And that allows us to do some amazing things without compromising website load time or worrying about resolution. If you saw something cool on another site that you’d like to incorporate into your design, let’s talk about it and see if we can make it happen. And that goes for video as well. Additionally, I’m happy to offer coaching on how to create responsive mockups and other cutting edge practices. 

How can I support Your Design Firm or Agency?

I’m not a digital agency that will crank out your project as fast as possbile. When it comes to custom websites, I’m not the type of web developer to deliver a poorly crafted content management system. The time you allow me to build your client’s website (or your own site) is put to good use while adhering to my high standards. I have your back and I meet your deadlines. If you’re a design firm or agency in Frederick, Maryland or the surrounding area, contact me so we can talk about what I can bring to the table. 

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