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Web Design & Development in Frederick, Maryland

It’s an amazing time for web design, whether it’s in Frederick, Maryland or the surrounding D.C. Metro area. So many marketing and graphic design efforts that used to be out of reach are now readily available. High-end marketing videos can be created with stock footage and audio. Social media has been a game changer. And whether you use a website builder or pursue custom web design, we now have a number of options to deliver high quality web design at prices that fit your budget.

Do you already have an existing website? You might be more interested in speaking with me about a website redesign. And if you’re a graphic design firm or marketing agency, I’m in a great position to assist you with web development for you and your clients.

How I Help with Web Design and Development

If you have not committed to anything regarding your web design, that’s great. We can get you on the right track and avoid the usual wrong turns (such as GoDaddy). Here’s a few things we can work on:

  • Based on your goals and budget, I can advise which platform is right for you (WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify, etc.)
  • If your budget does not allow for a custom design, I’ll help you select a pre-built template to get your website off the ground
  • Customization of any themes or templates
  • Purchasing a domain name if not done so already
  • Changing DNS records and other technical tasks
  • Setting up emails at
  • And I’m always here to answer your questions

Let’s Talk About Your Specific Web Needs

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Creating Your Own Web Design May Not Be as Easy as It Seems

Some people do well on their own with website builder services. And some companies around Frederick, Maryland do just fine despite having a poor web presence in general. But if you’re not in either of these two categories, please consider a few hours of my time. I can save you a lot of trouble down the road. With many options out there, it’s tempting to build your own site. But you still may find yourself in over your head. And even though there is no coding involved with a D.I.Y. website builder, some people still get frustrated designing on their own. Or they end up with bad graphic design.

And I don’t recommend learning to code unless you have a natural aptitude. I spent a few years trying to teach graphic designers how to code and program websites. And I learned that some skills you need to be born with.

A D.I.Y. Website Builder Is Not Inherently Bad, It Is Simply an Option

It’s all too common for businesses in Frederick, Maryland or nearby areas to have limited budgets. And they can’t always afford custom web design. So in these cases, I wouldn’t say a service like Squarespace or Wix are a bad thing. I leverage and embrace what they bring to the table. And the result is an affordable site with high quality graphic design. But most importantly it’s developed under my professional guidance. This is a great way for a business to get their feet wet. And I’ll be ready to work with you once again when you’re ready for a redesign.

Custom Website Development: The Engine

So far we’ve discussed D.I.Y. website builders. And they’re a great way for small businesses and startups to take their first step in web design. But site builders cannot solve all the marketing challenges that come with an established business. This is where real web development begins.

For the more established business in and around Frederick, Maryland, we need to focus not only on website design, but also your content management system. Which we would preferably build on WordPress. This is how you manage and update your website. But it can be so much more. It’s what’s you’ll have to live with every week, or every day, depending on how often you update your website. I work with clients to develop custom tailored admin areas that suit their business goals and digital marketing strategies. Whoever you choose to build your website, be sure to request a “test drive” so you know what you’re getting.

Web Design Is Only Scratching The Surface

Your website design obviously needs to look sharp and have professional graphic design. But by itself, the act of launching a new website will only take you so far. An effective website is the flagship of your marketing operation. It will lead and complement your other efforts in areas such as SEO, email marketing, and social media integration. And I’m here to advise you. At your own pace. Every step of the way. Together, we can build a marketing machine for your business. Customized to fit your budget and needs.

I’m also flexible. If you already have other marketing specialists you like to working with, I’ll be happy to work with them. In many cases, this is a better arrangement since it allows you to have multiple specialists supporting your marketing efforts. There are plenty of firms and agencies that can do many things well. And some of them even hire me for web design and development. But you won’t know until it’s too late. Remember the old saying: a jack of all trades is a master of none.

Let’s Create a Game Plan That Is Smart And Economical

Contact me today for a free consultation and tell me what’s on your mind. I’m ready to help local businesses with web design in Frederick, Maryland and the surrounding area. A few minutes of my time can go a long way and might be all you need to get on the right track. Otherwise we can list some action items that work for your goals and budget.

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