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Shepherd University

Advanced Design at Shepherd University

Web Design at Shepherd University

Project  1
Intro to UX Pin
Project  2
Copy an Existing User Interface
Project  3
Homepage Redesign
Project  4
Design a UI Kit
Project  5

Web Coding at Shepherd University

Web Coding Intro to jQuery

Your first exercise in jQuery will be to set up a slide show for the Acme website we created for our first project using a jQuery plugin called the Nivo Slider. Use the tutorial provided, I found it to be very thorough. Give it a shot, and then let me know your issues as they come up.

This exercise is a good way to get your feet wet with jQuery. For a while, you’ll be dependent on jQuery plugins just like this one, so it’s good exposure for you. jQuery plugins all have very similar approaches to their setup and configuration. The other benefit is that you are not really writing any jQuery or Javascript here – jQuery plugins are more about following instructions. So read the tutorial carefully, and watch out for your own typos.