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Shepherd University

Advanced Design at Shepherd University

Web Design at Shepherd University

Project  1
Intro to UX Pin
Project  2
Copy an Existing User Interface
Project  3
Homepage Redesign
Project  4
Design a UI Kit
Project  5

Web Coding at Shepherd University

Digital Illustration Project 5 More Tracing in Adobe Illustrator

This second tracing should be much easier than the last one since there is no gradient mesh required. And you get to use a photo of your choice. It could be a simple subject like an animal or fruit, or you can trace someone else’s artwork from Again, the gradient mesh is optional, but I do want to see evidence that “basic” gradients were used by using the gradient palette (if gradients will not work with your composition, be sure to know how to create a simple gradient in Illustrator). This tracing can be abstracted, even to the point where you are not tracing at all if you feel confident enough.