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Design a UI Kit

Still thinking this over. Designing a UI kit might be good under any circumstances. It could be done in UXPin and illustrator. You would design all the individual elements that make up a web interface, creating a library of components that could then be used to build the interface of a website or application.

UXPin would still be ideal because you’ll have the ability to design your animations, such as a photo gallery, or expandable menus. Illustrator can be used to create things like SVG icons. And it might actually be better to do this before jumping into a more advanced or challenging UI project.

The ultimate goal would be to design your own UI kit, and then use it to design a website or app – a nice double play for your portfolio. But one thing at a time. Two kits to check out so you know what I’m talking about would be uikit and bootstrap. There are more out there, you can do your own research. But you could redesign their core (like the typography, HTML elements, etc.) and then cherry pick a few of their fancier components like lightboxes, carousels, expandable menus, etc. And you can get inspired by UI Movement as well. Your UI Kit probably won’t be as in-depth as the two I mentioned above, but you still want it to feel fairly complete.

For presentation, see how it looks on one page in UXPin. Or create a website index of your components actually using your own components. That’s what the two UI Kits above did. That can also be done in UXPin.