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Lectures & Projects

About Graphics III at Hood

First, a time change

Despite whatever time is listed in the catalog, we will meet on Mondays from 6:30 p.m. and usually wrap up anywhere from 8-10 p.m (it’s mostly lab time).

What is this class all about?

We are going to make sure you are on the right track for a career in graphic design.

Teaching Style

No tests, no quizzes, no memorization, and tentative deadlines. After the first night, occasionally and briefly I will lecture if I think it benefits this particular class or when I see a pattern of trouble. Otherwise, class will be lab time for you to work on your projects and get feedback from me. As for critiques, we’ll see how it goes and if they would be worth it. I approach class like a personal trainer and try to get everyone working on their goals and weak spots. I like to try and do a 2 minute check-in with everyone as soon as class starts, then circle back around and group together students with similar problems, and save those who need the most help for last. I’m capable of staying late if you are.


I have a rough idea of what our projects will be this semester. However, this class is a work in progress and projects will ultimately depend on what the class really needs. Hopefully we’ll start off with some exercise and then move on to projects where you can demonstrate both creativity and production skills.


Communication Arts Magazine.


Stop using flash drives, start using Dropbox. You can share files with me on Dropbox using [email protected].


In my perfect world, classes would simply be pass or fail. I really don’t care what your grade is, and neither will your employer. It’s just a formality of the institution. With that said, I usually grade easy. So for those of you worried about your grade, just talk to me about it. I hate grades because then students just focus on the grade, or completing a “checklist” to obtain the desired grade. That’s not going to help anyone. For all my classes, just focus on learning and understanding concepts. Walk away with knowledge, not grades.


Come to class if you want to learn and need feedback. If you have personal issues that prevent you from coming then don’t worry about missing a class, just contact me to work something out.

When the going gets tough …

Feel free to let me know what’s going on in your lives. There is more to life than work and school, so if you need to chat, are about to have a nervous breakdown, or need some sort of grace, just talk to me, and we will figure something out.